Multi-Chip LED High Bay Lights

Products Introduction:

250W LED High Bay Lights
Model: SL-HB250W
Lighting Source:SMD
Chip Brand:Bridgelux
LEDs Quantity:1 PC 250W
Power Consumption: 250W
Input Voltage (Driver): 85-265VAC /50-60HZ
Efficiency: ≥85%
PF: ≥0.92
Operation Temperature -40 ~ +50℃
Colors:Warm white CCT3000K,Natural white:CCT4000K,Cool white CCT6000K
Luminous: 28000lm (±5%)
Products Features:

1. Mercury-free, lead-free and energy efficiency illuminant, environmental friendly lamp.

2. Over 30% energy consumption saved comparing to high pressure sodium lamp.

3. 250W LED high bay use same aluminum housing as 300W LED high bay,enogh space for heat dissipation

4. Anodized aluminum reflector keeps the even and efficient lighting effect, 

   and coordinates with the radiator, effecting a cooling system to ensure safe performance for long-hour working request.

5. High power Led illuminant provides comfortable light without radiation, flicker or UV

Model No                    Dimensions    Wattage  Input Voltage  Initial Lumens      CCT                Ra       Diffuser            Life Span
                                             (CM)               (W)              (V)                    (LM)                  (K)                             (Degree)               (Hrs)

SL-HB250W-CW           30*44               250           85~265             28000         5500~6000         80      45/90/120              50,000

SL-HB250W-NW           30*44               250           85~265             26000         5500~6000         80      45/90/120              50,000

SL-HB250W-WW           30*44               250           85~265             25000         5500~6000         80      45/90/120              50,000

250W LED high bay lights Dimensions:

250W LED High bay diffusers:

250W LED high bay Light Distribution:


250W LED high bay Light  Packing Information:


250W LED high bay Light Installation Instructions:



250W LED high bay Light Applications
It is suitable for workshop, factory building,storeroom,toll gate, gas station, large supermarket,exhibition hall, and gymnasium ect.

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