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Philips’ Orbit Series wins the 2013 DFA Bronze Award-Smooth Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd News

Source:Smooth Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd      Date:2014-12-17

The innovative lamp series “Orbit” from Philips Co. has recently won the Bronze Award of Design for Asia Award (DFA) 2013. Designed with the oriental idea of the sky being circular, the endless round shape of the Orbit Series was created through use of new LED technology. When installed, the lamps look like luminous rings which provide pure lighting impressions by soft, bright light and dimmable luminance.

The Orbit Series is designed especially for modern Asian residences. The series comes in various sizes of ceiling lamps and chandeliers giving families a variety of options to choose from according to their preferences and needs. The rings provide bright up and down light that is diffuse, glare-free, and can be dimmed easily. In addition, the series adopts an advanced technology called “Varilume” which can project sectional light and create three light levels to satisfy people’s needs for different situations. The minimal design is also able to upgrade the modern atmosphere of a space. Their size and brightness are suitable for making residential spaces more comfortable. 

The aim of the DFA award is to encourage excellent designs which are able to represent Asian images and influence Asian fashion trends. “Orbit Series is designed based on Asian people’s needs and hopes,” said Sean Carney, the leading designer for Phillips. “We manage to mix technology and aesthetics together in this product. Being awarded from DFA is a great honor to us.”

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