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Chinese Vendor Sells LEDs at Unbelievable Low Price

Source:Smooth Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd      Date:2014-12-16

China’s low LED prices have taken on a whole new definition in Zhongshan City located in Guangdong Province, where bulbs are being sold in a similar way to vegetables on the market, according to an report.

In Zhongshan LED bulbs are being sold at 10 Chinese Yuan (US $1.61) per kilogram.

LED bulbs being sold similar to vegetables in the market by a Zhongshan LED manufacturer in China. (All photos courtesy of

“LED bulbs here cost less than 1 Chinese Yuan, and even lower than 68 cents,” a vendor called out. “We’re selling bulbs 10 Chinese Yuan per kilo. Come take a look!”

Bulbs being sold in a similar manner as dairy products in a traditional market, since when were LED bulbs being sold this way? Is this a new marketing strategy? Or just a show?

The Zhongshan vendor calls out to potential buyers. 

This is the scenario of a LED manufacturer in Zhongshan, who has decided to sell all their products in the inventory cheaply as a last resort to payback suppliers, said industry insiders. Towards the end of the year, suppliers are urging manufacturers to pay up, while employees are waiting for their salaries. Some manufacturers have declared bankruptcy as they find it increasingly difficult to survive with their low product sales, and easing market demands. However, this is the first company to sell products cheaply.

“This is  darkness before sunrise,” said Zhengzhe Wu, former General Manager of Everlight China.Manufacturers that survive are still those that rely on manufacturing, and in general products costs will be further lowered, have higher efficiency and are easier to assemble. The future platform will have to utilize Internet network advantages to establish a platform that can select or eliminate competitors to further advance the industry. Cooperation and integration will be the basis for innovation, since the platform will not belong to an exclusive manufacturer or industry. Manufacturers will need to be able to lower costs, maintain growth rates to maintain a competitive edge. This has allowed participants to surpass competitors that are outside of the platform and clear out the market.

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